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Samuel Walker

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Sam is a geographer with interests in GIS, equity, and urban planning. He has over a decade of experience using spatial analysis, statistics, and visualization to answer urban planning questions. He’s familiar with a variety of methods including multi-criteria, social equity spatial, cluster, principal components, and factor analysis, as well as regression, including multilevel generalized linear mixed models. He conducts his work using Esri ArcGIS products, FME, R, and Python. 

His research and teaching reflect his passion: to create more sustainable and equitable cities. Sam’s Ph.D. research combined qualitative and quantitative methods to study how community groups, the city government, and non-profit community development organizations interact in efforts to reuse vacant land. Sam has taught thousands of learners urban geography, GIS, and data skills at the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, Simon Fraser University, and through online training at Safe Software.

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