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About Us

LevelUp Planning Collaborative is co-owned by an all-women team of five professionals with backgrounds in planning, public health, community engagement, research, policy analysis, and facilitation. We have worked with numerous stakeholders in community, government, school, and health authority settings and we ensure that fairness, inclusion, and diversity are at the forefront of our projects.

We recognize that each community and organization is different, and that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach does not work. With that understanding, we work to understand and build upon the unique strengths of each organization and community we support.

Our Mission

Working collaboratively with organizations and communities across Canada, we use applied research, authentic community engagement and policy analysis to support the development of places where everyone can thrive.​

NCLGA workshop Fort Nelson May 2018_edit
Fists in Solidarity

Our Principles


In every project, we ask: "who might benefit? who might be left out?"

- then strive for fairness, inclusion and diversity.


We are constantly learning about new research and ideas, and we

integrate that knowledge into practice and policy recommendations.

Collaboration and Partnership

We bring people together to share unique perspectives, then listen, learn and share

Meeting People Where They're At

Each community and each organization are different, and what works

for one place might not work for another.

We work to understand and build on unique strengths.

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