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Poverty Needs Assessment and Action Plan for Delta

City of Delta


LevelUp Planning was retained by the City of Delta to conduct a poverty reduction assessment and develop a Poverty Reduction Strategy and Action Plan.  

Final Report: Delta Poverty Reduction Plan

What our client said about our work:

Consultants applied an equity lens and worked with a strong set of values and integrity in all aspects of their work – from ensuring that all voices are heard at the Advisory Committee meetings to engaging diverse residents.The LevelUp Planning team went above and beyond in their outreach and managed to engage various underrepresented groups, including newcomers, people on low income, people with various abilities, seniors etc.. The project was completed within the timelines and the LevelUp team produced an engaging and professional report. It was such a pleasure to work with this team and we were highly satisfied with their work.

Olga Shcherbyna - Corporate Social Planner | City of Delta

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