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Jade Yehia


Jade Yehia is a specialist with degrees in Human Geography, Environmental Health, and a Master of Science (MSc) in Impact Assessment. She is a certified Environmental Health Officer and Consultant with thirteen years of experience working for both the Federal and Provincial governments. Jade leads Island Health's Healthy Built Environment program. The primary objective is to support the inclusion of health in land use planning (as health is much more connected to one's postal code than their genetic code). 

Jade's work includes skilled expertise in housing and homelessness, transportation planning, air quality, climate change, and risk analysis. Regarding Environmental Assessment, Jade has an extensive background in industrial developments and proficiency in reviewing industry benefits and impacts on communities.  She is adept at speaking to a wide range of audiences, from elected officials to community action groups to those hardest to reach in our communities. Jade grew up all over BC and has lived in commuter communities, to bust and boom towns. She is passionate about creating healthier communities for all!