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Our Publications

March 2021

At the request of the City of Prince George's Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships Division, LevelUp Planning &
Consulting completed a comprehensive, evidence-based investigation to inform the development of a Community
Recreation, Social Health and Well-being Service Delivery Plan for the City of Prince George.

The Community Recreation, Social Health and Well-being Service Delivery Plan outlines six key focus areas, with
associated actions and timelines:
1. Coordination
2. Partnerships & Collaboration
3. Communication, Promotion, and Engagement
4. Sustainability
5. Equity
6. Performance Monitoring

February 16, 2021

To support the local area planning process in the city of Victoria, BC, this report offers an equity analysis of the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood, with comparative reference to other parts of the city. The report begins with a presentation of neighbourhood-specific data, to demonstrate the current inequities that exist between Hillside-Quadra and other neighbourhoods in the city. The analysis includes data relative to the key determinants of health and well-being, according to the available research. It also includes a brief analysis of many of the services and amenities that can be currently accessed by Hillside-Quadra residents. That combined data, together with a broad and equity-based community engagement process, will help the neighbourhood association for the area (the Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee) and the Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Committee to liaise with City of Victoria staff with a better understanding of the current assets and needs of Hillside-Quadra, as seen through an equity lens.

December, 2020

In an effort to confront some of the issues facing communities experiencing marginalization in Canada, municipalities have drafted plans and policy documents to guide their services and programming, while shaping community values and citizen lived experience. These efforts are broadly described as equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) planning. 


This report offers an environmental scan of EDI-related plans and policy documents in Canada, to build a body of evidence and practice about different municipal approaches to EDI planning and policy making.


This report was developed by students of Queen's University School of Urban and Regional Planning, who were guided by LevelUp, the Canadian Urban Sustainability Practitioners Network and North Park Neighbourhood Association.

September, 2019

Social equity is getting lots of attention lately, and in some jurisdictions, there is a request for governments to use an 'equity lens' when they make decisions about new policies or projects. This report defines an equity lens, provides some initial ideas, shares some success stories, and offers links to resources that can get you started.

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