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LevelUp Planning developed a Social Health & Well-being Program and Service Delivery Plan for the City of Prince George that aligns with the City’s priorities to be more responsive, innovative, and equitable to community needs and trends. This work involved a robust assessment of current recreation and community services delivery models and needs, the City’s standing in relation to emerging trends, best practice, and shifting demographics of the population, as well as a scan of comparator city service delivery. Comprehensive community and stakeholder engagement supported a more current picture of the needs and expectations of the City in relation to service delivery of this nature. The final service delivery plan for Social Health and Well-being programs included those best practices and lived experience that align with the unique needs identified in the City of Prince George, while also ensuring services and methods of delivery are consistent with the City’s strategic priorities and reflect efficiency and effectiveness.

See the final plan here.


Social Health & Well-being Program Service Delivery Plan

City of Prince George


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